Remnants of the Old Empire

Gladstocke's cemetery

Path to Gladstocke’s

As the adventurers awoke in the manor they knew this day would be very important to their task. Not much was known what happened in the cemetery outside the city. All the group was aware of was that the name of the cemetery was Gladstocke’s, it was about half a day’s march from Abadon and that strange occurances were taking place there.

With tensions rising in their hearts Raiza the rogue, Irieela female half-elf monk of Irori, Hexar the halfling fey sorcerer, Carrion the tiefling ranger and the newly met half-ogre Decius set off to the place of their deployment in the morning. They’ve been travelling east and the weather seemed to favour the travelers with a pleasant breeze elevating their spirits. However after a few hours of road the pleasant breeze suddenly started to turn into a cool wind which kept blowing faster and cooler until it finally began to freeze the group’s skin, chilling the bone. As the travelers looked up to the sky they were flabbergasted seeing snowflakes fall frm the sky. It soon became clear that against all logic a snowstorm was coming down on the adventurers. Raiza immediately searched his backpack for a warm winter’s blanket that he was carrying. He quickly hurled up into the blanket and urged the party to move through the blizzard. The storm kept on pilling pressure onto the travelers and Hexar and Decius, being unused to cold weather, suffered a frostbite. Yet the adventurers were unmoved by nature’s fury as they pressed on bravely. Suddenly, Irieella’s elven eyes spotted an abandoned dwelling in the distance. Shelter offered a good alternative to blistering cold of the outside and the party decided to enter the dwelling. The doors were unlocked, but what raised even more suspicion was a burning furnace inside. Suspicions aside the house was a perfect place to wait out the blizzard. It was a simple building. The sole furnace, a few chairs scattered accross the floor, a shaky door to the only room and a holey carpet suggested that the building was abandoned years ago. Carrion decided to take a peek into the lone room. What he discovered was a dead body lying unpurposely on a bed. Carrion quickly recognised the man. It was none other than the merchant the group parted just a day ago. The mercenaries gathered around the body trying to determine cause of person’s death, but they were unable to find any signs of wounds, cuts or bruises. Decius then suggested going inside to look for tracks. Seven pairs of feet imprints were found on the snow. Five of them belonged to the party and were recent, while the remaining two were not as fresh. It was clear that two men must have entered the house, but only one of them left.

The idea of an assassin was unsettling for the adventurers and it was decided to take watches in shifts while the rest of the party rests. As bedrolls were rolled onto the floor Irieella took up the first watch. She sat on a chair, watching her surroundings. However, the desire to sleep began to overpower her as the half-elf rested her head on the back of the chair. She fell asleep. The adventurers woke up in the morning, confused to why they weren’t woken up. Irieella was ashamed, though no one expressed hostility. A few akward looks later the party packed up and moved outside. It was the strangest thing when they stepped outside. There was not a single trace of snow or humidity. Carrion tried to make the sense of all of this, but his knowledge of the land left him puzzled. There simply was not supposed to be snow in Abadon this time of year. Skahen by recent events the adventurers pressed on.

Gladstocke’s cemetery
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They’ve quickly reached Gladstocke’s cemetery. The cemetery stood in dry, desolate plains. It seemed old, barely mended, the stone walls around it were becoming obsolete. A tall shadowly figure of a mausoleum rose beyond the horizon overlooking the cemetery itself. Architecture of the mausoleum seemed particulary unorthodox, but none of the party had any interest in investigating the tower’s engineering.

The front gate of the cemetery were locked. An old man was siting on a chair outside his shack. Further away from him was a campfire with two armed men around it. They were clearly from the militia. The travelers approached the old man and asked what he was doing here. The elder told them that he was the gravekeeper of Gladstocke’s. When Decius asked about the rumors of strange happenings he told the group that the locals were hearing strange moan-like noises from the graveyard’s direction at night. The gravekeeper insisted on them being the walking dead, but no one would believe him, thinking his mind was lost to old age. He also mentioned that the militia used to run patrols around the cemetery, but they’ve stopped them recently. The adventurers announced that they were sent by Lord Henry Conner to dispose of Gladstocke’s problem, but the gravekeeper was unmoved. He knew nothing about such business and refused to let young, healthy men like themselves get their lives thrown away. Decius attempted to scare the gravekeeper into unlocking the gate, but the effort only infuriated him into calling them names. When asked as to why would the militia do that the old man pointed to the more prominent man by the campfire and said that they would have to ask the captain himself. The party approached the militia captain who was eyeing Carrion suspiciously and questioned him about recent events. The captain explained that militia used to patrol the perimeter of the cemetery, but since one man has gone missing the patrols were cancelled as they’ve become too dangerous for militia to handle. The party again asked if they could enter. “I would gladly send in anyone with a sword, but it is the gravekeeper who decides when the gates are opened and locked. We are here merely to protect him” – was the captain’s reply. Seeing few alternatives the adventurers decided on quick action. Decius stood back against the cemetery’s wall while Irieella jumped onto his shoulders and climbed over the stone wall into the graveyard. It was pitch-dark on the other side, since the moon was hidden by clouds, though dim lighting could be seen spreading from the militia’s created campfire illiuminating the gate from the distance. Irieella did her best at moving in the dark, making her way towards the gate. When she reached it, she saw the gates open. Raiza walked right through, jokingly saying that the gates were open all along while putting his thieves tool’s into his backpack. With the gravekeeper shouting at the guards to stop the intruders, the rest of the adventurers hurried right through. The young militia man attempted to chase, but his captain held him in place, saying it was a dangerous area to go in.

The party assembled themselves inside the cemetery, lit their torches and began to move forward. Raiza and Irieella were on the front with Hexar in the middle, Carrion and Decius overwatching the side. The cemetery looked even worse from the inside. The gravestones were misplaced, bushes uncut and overgrown. The chaos increased when moving further from the gate. The adventurers were rather careless, or brave, as some would say, as they stepped onto bones of one of the remains. The pile of bones suddenly stirred, rose up to take on a human shape. It’s long, bony fingers reached out to claw at the living. Three skeletons formed and surprised the adventurers, but that wasn’t enough to take them down. Irieella did a tremendous job fighting the skeletons, bashing their skulls with her fists and legs, redeeming herself from previous failure. However, the sounds of battle attracted other prey. From behind a corner a walking corpse appeard. This walking corpse wore only a few soiled rags, it’s flesh rotting off it’s bones as it stumbled forward, arms outstretched. The party fought ferociously but the number of their opponents kept on growing as they moved towards the open gate of the inner yard. Carrion noticed that skeletons next to the gate were squaring off with the zombies and made the conclusion that someone has to be controlling them. The party entered the ongoing battle. Decius and Irieella started taking large amounts of punishment. Desperate, Raiza ran into the inner yard and saw a mysterious looking man in white robes, pacing around a campfire. Raiza gave a shout to the man to come to an aid. The man in white robes seemed reluctant to help, but he lent a hand regardless. With combined efforts the zombies were finally overcome, even though Decius, Hexar and Irieella were knocked unconcious.

The mysterious man introduced himself as Geoffrey Abadon-Ashe and even though the party never took big interest in finding more about Geoffrey himself they were extremely interested in his activities. Geoffrey spoke up with arrogance and confidence – a snob of highest caliber. The wizard shared that his studies led him to believe that there was a powerful artifact entombed here. He arrived at Gladstocke’s finding the cemetery infected with zombies and skeletons. He then explained that he used some of the skeletons to combat the zombies and was able to proceed up to the inner yard, but even he was unable to get past the heavily reinforced door of the mausoleum. Raiza suggested that the artifact was the cause of all of this, but Geoffrey didn’t make immediate connection. However he told that he would be able to remove the curse from the item, would it be the source of evil power fueling the zombies. Raiza said he could bypass the lock and the men then shook hands with Geoffrey and agreed to further their goals together.

Arrival to Abadon

Abadon hills

Photobucket The party has left rich grasslands of Lynx County and headed up north. The terrain raised in front of them as they began entering Abadon hills. They have been travelling for a full day. The growth here looked dim as many trees hadn’t recovered from last winter yet. Occasionally trails of snow could be spotted on the road ahead. Both Irieella and Raiza agreed this was a beautiful, if a little chilly morning as the party continued north.

As the four neared a narrow passageway ahead Carrion’s bright eyes noticed a caravan moving in the distance. The caravan was escorted by three archer mercenaries and a solo militia escort. The party quickly recalled that they have seen the merchant, who sitting on top of a donkey pulled cart, in Crouching Lynx’s Inn a day before. Raiza remembered that the road on which he was on was often preyed by remaining separatist resistance. His flair was right as someone lurked in the bushes. A barbarian woman in the bushes did not give herself away as she eyed the passing caravan with a hungry look. She took a very a special arrow wrapped in a red cloth and fired it into a tree on top of a small hill. Another archer was sitting in the tree. He immediately pulled the arrow out of the stem and fired it on the hill. This was a signal for whoever lurked in the hiding position among the trees and tall grass above to attack.

Slingers above ran to the very edge of a hill and started peppering bullets into the mercenary archers below. Cart’s side was hit hard as splinters scattered in every direction. The two archers caughted in the fire attempted to fire back at the slingers. The archer behind the cart ducked for cover as he fired arrows from behind the safe spot. Irieella was caught off guard as a sling bullet launched from barbarian woman hit her shoulder. Enraged by the surprise assault Irieella lunged at the woman in the bushes. Raiza drew his short swords and began to move in from behind. More barbarians appeared, they were carrying axes, shields and clubs, menancingly approaching from northeast and southeast. One of the barbarians looked particulary fearsome. He was 6,5 feet tall, with a nasty greatclub hanging over his shoulder. The militia along with the two archers defended the north, while Raiza and Irieella squared off with the barbarians in the south with supporting fire of Carrion’s bow as well as Hexar’s magical powers.

The fight went smoothly south of the wagon, where the adventurers fought. Raiza flanked the barbarian woman, wounding her terribly as Irieella used her staff to make the finishing blow. An axe wielding barbarian also entered this fight. Seeing his companion fall the meanest looking barbarian turned his heads towards Irieella and Raiza shouting “My woman!” as he launched at them swinging his greatclub. Seeing this Hexar moved in to support his fellow travelers as he casted a spell on Irieella. An invisible but tangible field of force subjected her. With the help from Hexar the adventurers managed to dodge incoming blows from the menacings barbarians swiftly and skillfully. Soon the other barbarian fell, but not without the help from Raiza as he delivered a precise and deadly stab in the neck from his left hand. The barbarian leader took an arrow shot at his side, but remained to stand vigil despite increased efforts of Hexar and Carrion. The fight in the north was not going as well. The barbarians and the mercenaries were at a stalemate and any side could falter upon a few succesive blows. The slingers, now lacking targets, arrived at hillside to battle in melee. The archers moved back to the wagon, positioning themselves back to back at each other, fending off from many axe swings of the ambushers. Seeing the situation worsening in the north Raiza arrived to even the odds. He flanked a clubman, effectively cutting him down from behind as the militia escort stroke down a slinger. The barbarian leader, seeing more place to maneuver attempted to charge Carrion. What happened next surprised even Hexar himself, who has seen many magical things in his time. An area of unnatural darkness surrounded Carrion causing the barbarian to waste his effort. The barbarian archer climbed down the tree and took up his dagger against weakened Irieella. Fighting on high ground allowed the ambusher to gain an upper hand in the fight. Even Hexar’s magic couldn’t help when a precise strike from the barbarian’s dagger arrived at Irieela’s side. Fortunately the wound wasn’t as deep and as the barbarian moved on to other targets Irieella stabilised. At this point Raiza turned back to help the ranger. He charged into the barbarian leader from behind striking with both of his swords as he held on onto them causing his enemy severe wounds as he slowly flailed onto ground with Raiza emerging victorious. Meanwhile in the north the militia struck down an axeman following a precise blow piercing it’s belly. Loosing the surprise element the remaining barbarians started to flee as defeat was drawing near.

As the attackers scattered the party started evaluating losses. Several mercenary escorts were severely wounded and Irieella was lying unconcious on the slope of the hill. The merchant shouted “Water to the injured” as the wounded mercenaries were seated by the side of the cart. Raiza helped Irieella on her feet and one of the mercenary archers helped to lift her onto the cart. The caravan’s merchant expressed his thanks to the party as the injured were treated. Thankfully everyone was alive.

The barbarians bodies were searched and a strange note was found on their leader. The note contained thourough instructions to attack this very specific caravan. Raiza looked around for valuables noticing some bags with salt, a strongbox, many boxes and bags with equipment. Raiza questioned the merchant on what was he delivering, but the bags filled with salt on board left no clues on why someone would want an ordinary cargo so badly. Then Hexar suggested that the strongbox might hold the answer. He tried to trick the merchant into opening it, but he held his ground, saying that whoever gave the strongbox to him specifically told not to open the strongbox under any circumstances. Raiza argued that if he was to risk his life for the cargo, he wanted to know what he was risking for and the merchant finally backed down. “In truth I am very curious about the strongbox as well, but the box is locked off tight and I do not have the key” – was the merchant’s admitance. Raiza quickly offered his assistance. Being a son of a blacksmith has taught him a thing or two about opening locks. Raiza grabbed his tools of the trade and began picklocking the stronbox. He was about to open it when his hand moved making the picklock slip to the side jamming the lock.



The party travelled for three more days through the hillsuntil the earth once again sloped down before them. The city of Abadon was seen in the distance. Abadon was a major city in the region, the only worth city rights. Protected by a stone wall the city stood in this remote region like a titan would among the hills.

The party wasted no time and headed straight to governor’s villa to meet Lord Henry Conner. It appeared that it was the merchant’s final destination as well. He also arrived there at the same time, the cargo sold, his mercenaries relieved. All but the militia man, who was returning back to his post. The party arrived at the residence. It looked nothing like a prominent Lord’s palace should. This was a fancy house, that’s true, but it didn’t radiate luxury and one could easily mistake the residence for a manor of a richer merchant.

The group was greeted by a receptionist, who didn’t seem to know who the party was, but he immediately admitted the merchant with his escort saying that they had primary clearance. The party waited for an hour or two, but received no news other than that the Lord was notified of their presence. They weren’t the only ones waiting, though. Nearby sat an elder noble with a kid. The kid looked explicitly bored and Hexar decided to entertain him. Using his sorcereous abilities Hexar performed a number of tricks with a coin, making it dissapear or multiply. The kid was excited by the show, his hands clapping. The elder noble thanked Hexar for taking his time in entertaining his young pupil and revealed that he too was a guest of the Lord, arriving from Lynx County in order to solve some inheritance issue. Hexar only stated that they too had business with the governor. They’ve exchanged pleasantries as well as a few rumors about Abadon and it’s politics. Raiza was getting impatient he approached the receptionist once and once again. Finally, after the receptionist returned he said that the Lord would now see the adventurers.

The party exited the waiting room now entering a large stone hall filled with columns and knight’s statues. The hall contained many doors on the sides leading to many different areas of the mansion. The party was led through the single door at the front to the workplace of the ruler. Lord Henry Conner was sitting behind his gold engraved desk, paying little attention to the adventurers. Master Wizard Mavros Depone was standing to the left of him, closely observing his surroundings. Two more men were by the door, surrounding it from two sides. The first man was holding a two-handed sword, he was of age, but had the look of experience in his eyes. The second man was much more intimidating. He stood some 7 feet tall, held a shield with one hand and kept close distance to his morningstar by the other.

“Henry, I believe we have guests” – Mavros noted. Lord Henry Conner looked up, but didn’t recognise the men in front of him. Mavros Depone stated that these were the king’s men summoned here by the crown. Unsatisfied by Lord’s reaction the wizard implies that the Lord only cared about his own guests and that it should not be so. “Ah, yes” – he browsed through some of his papers – “I see you have been hired to deal with a problem here…” At this point Lord Henry asked everybody, but Mavros to leave the room and started speaking about the issue at hand. He revealed that strange things were happening in Abadon’s cemetery at night about half day’s walk from the city. Strange sounds have been heard at night from the area and one of the militia has already been lost there. The Lord looked over the contract again and said that the party was being offered 800 gold coins to eliminate the source of any infestation with 100 being offered upfront. Raiza haggled with the Lord and managed to raise this amount to 1000 coins. This was not all the contract stated, though. Mavros Depone reminded that one of the king’s men was also to go with the party. That is when the guards were called back in. “Decius will join you on your task” – the wizard said refering to the bulky half-ogre standing over 7 feet tall. The new crew man wasn welcomed as the party realised that if they had to take another with them, they were at least fortunate that this guy was the man. Raiza also brought in the issue of the merchant to the Lord. The knight commander looked over the letter found on barbarian’s body and stated that this was definitely an organised attack. Lord Henry Conner told about the mystery of the strongbox was outrageous that a container with something potentially dangerous was brought to his residence undetected. He immediately requested the militia to bring him the merchant. The party also disperresed in attempt to find the man, but he was nowhere to be found.

As Irieella and Hexar moved through the northern door they heard sounds of battle coming from the end of the hall and swiftly moved in to inspect the disturbance. Even though Raiza was still talking with the nobility, his accute hearing enabled him to pinpoint these sounds as well. Soon the whole party along with several knights, among them was Decius moved to investigate. Meanwhile Hexar and Irieella arrived at the spot. What they saw was a single Nighonian knight squaring off with three militia men of which one was already knocked unconcious by the flat of a blade. What was more, it seemed as if the knight was winning! He skillfully parried two strikes from the militia and succesfully delivered a blow on his own causing much hardey on the recipient. Irieella asked to the reason of the fight and asked for a diplomatic solution to the problem, but the knight refused to put down his greatsword before the militia would do the same. Still, the fight wouldn’t last much longer. Hexar was furious by the disturbance, or perhaps just mad on himself as he, in a ragefull manner, commanded the men to lay down their weapons or face him instead. The militia were schocked by the demand of this little guy and felt genuinely intimidated by the Halfling. As they put down their weapons, the knight, also surprised at the occurance, sheathed his greatsword as well.

There was hell to pay as the militia and the knight were brought before the Lord and his second. The militia claimed that they saw the unknown man walking through the unauthorised corridor and thinking he was an assassin attacked him. The knight introduced himself as Sir Darius Hall. He claimed that he got tired of waiting in the waiting room and decided to go in using he back door. “The Abadonian low-lives no doubt used this as an excuse to attempt to strike down a Nighonian noble” – Sir Darius Hall said. The rambling reached stalemate and the men were released to go on about freely. Lord Henry Conner suggested the party stay at his guesthouse, but the master wizard offered his apprentice’s quarters for the duration of the stay as he reminded Lord Henry that the guesthouse wasn’t completely arranged for guests. The party took on the suggestion and accepted the hospitality of the wizard. Then Master Wizard Mavros Depone relied that he would be in his chambers should anyone need him. This was a clear clue to the party that he was expecting visitors and Irieella with Hexar caught the message. Hexar appeared only to mumble, but in truth he relied a hidden message to his companion. Everyone in the party suddenly heard a voice speak to them. And although many were confused by the event, the information spread throughout the party.

As the adventurers were escorted to their bedrooms Raiza spotted a familiar face. It was Jacob Tyler who was sitting in one of the rooms. The two men were overjoyed to meet each other and welcoming words were exchanged. Both Jacob and Raiza relied that they were happy to see that the other made the journey.

A meeting with Mavros Depone


It was time to meet Master Wizard Mavros Depone, but the party realised they couldn’t all come as Depone’s letter was directed to one person only. Hexar suggested to send Raiza in and the group agreed. Raiza cruised through the hallway leading to wizard’s chambers as he noticed a painting of wizard’s tower on the wall. No doubt Depone had great vision for Abadon’s young apprentices. Raiza has knocked on the door as he heard two men arguing behind them. The conflict was no ordinary as both men raised their voices on more than one occasion. What was more curious that the men weren’t arguing in their mother tongue. Raiza recognised the language as elven, however before he could not make out what exactly they were saying as the knock was followed by silence. An angry wizard stormed out of the room nearly impaling Raiza as he slammed the door to the side. Mavros looked at Raiza through the doorway and kindly invited him in. The wizard sat behind his table as he invited Raiza to take a seat in front of him. He also offered Raiza some fine wine which he held in cabinet behind. Raiza now understood that he made a fool of himself back in Lynx County when he took out on the innkeeper of what he thought was a watered down pincher. He refused the wine stating that booze was the downfall of his father, but took the seat in front. After pleasantries were exchanged Depone began to explain why he called the group’s leader in. He said that many things have changed since he made that offer and he would discuss the matter in greater detail later, but still revealed a few things. Mavros told Raiza that he didn’t trust the Lord of Abadon. Lord Henry was behaving strange lately, having his knights thrown out of the governor’s villa to the guest house and granting his militia full access of the manor. Not only that, but he also felt that the Lord was delibirately dragging out the cemetery issue which meant that there may have been a connection between him and the disturbances. Mavros spoke that he couldn’t reveal more until he was certain of his suspicions and this is where Raiza and his team came in. The wizard put a pouch with coins on the table. He asked Raiza to relay him any strange behaviour from the Lord, be his eyes and ears in the commons and share any information that may prove that the Lord had his hands in one thing too many. Raiza nodded in agreement and took the pouch with the payment.

As the unpeacefull night passed the adventurers were certain a stranger day awaited them still.

Crouching Lynx's Inn

Photobucket It was a quiet early spring’s morning in border province of Lynx County. Many trade roads have passed here and as such many establishments by the road emerged. One of such was the famous Crouching Lynx’s Inn.

The day in Crouching Lynx‘s Inn started out quietly. The patrons were having a breakfast, no doubt getting ready for their upcoming journeys. Few words were exchanged inside as no one wanted to ruin the stillness of the morning. Only occasional laughs and mug bumps on a table were heard from the table of four, closest to the Innkeeper. Two mercenary guards outside were keeping the peace of the travelers. Little did they know the Inn was about to be swarmed by adventurers, looking for each other among other things.

A young half-elf named Irieella wearing monk robes approached them. Her cloth obviously worn from many travels. She was carrying a pair of Nunchuks and Kama‘s along with her. The mercenary was surprised to see a girl with such unusual weapons and immediately asked her to remove them. Being a law respecting person the girl didn‘t protest in any way. She entered the Inn and settled at a large empty table on the right as if waiting for something.

The second to arrive was a man. He had shortly cut black hair and was average looking in every way, but with a little bit of a charm to his smile. It seemed as if the man was obedient as he put his two short-swords in mercenary‘s chest, but unknowingly to the mercenaries he decided to hide five of his trusted daggers in the sockets under his belt. The guards never saw through the man‘s Chain shirt as he smuggled the weapons to the Inn. Upon entering the man immediately engaged in a conversation with a barmaid asking if anyone caused her suspicion. She pointed her finger to a strange, but silent patron at the bar and the man moved towards him.

Another person to arrive was a lone halfling traveler. Hexar, as the person called himself, looked as if he was just a child in human‘s eyes and the mercenaries mistook him for such. Hexar was furious at the remark and he wasn‘t any happier when the sling was demanded to be taken away from him. Still, he confidently gave the sling away saying he didn‘t need any weapon.

Upon entering the inn Hexar approached a dwarf traveler. Surprisingly the dwarven merchant didn‘t take kindly to Hexar‘s company, suspecting that the halfling may be picking his pockets or performing some kind of cruel practical joke. After being shooed of by the merchant the halfling was invited over by Irieella, whom he didn‘t recognise as half-elf as first look. Irieella soon offered the halfling a seat and began chatting with him, expressing her condolences for rude dwarf‘s behaviour. As they engaged in a conversation yet another patron arrived. This man was wearing a dark robe with a hood on his head. He left his bow behind and enterred the inn. The man didn‘t seem particularly interested in the patrons as he moved to the most remote corner of the Inn made for gamblers. A gnome was sitting behind the gambling table as the newcomer started talking to him in the gnome‘s own tongue. It wasn‘t clear what they were talking about, but it seemed that the gnome was delighted by stranger‘s gesture as he let him spin roullette a couple of times.

Hexar and Irieella were talking to each other, discovering that they had many things in common. Both of them have travelled a long way with their final destination being city of Abadon, yet none of them revealed what exactly they were doing in the Inn.

The man in Chain shirt found little luck in striking up a conversation with the mysterious bloke by the bar, so instead he diverted his full attention to a lady besides him. The woman subtedly refused to chat saying that she wouldn‘t want to bother such a charming man with her troubles, but he kept on insisting to tell. Finally the lady revealed that she was travelling away from Abadon to her parents home in Nighon as her brother, who was one of the militia, recently perished carrying out his duty. The man wished the unfortunate soul good luck on her journey and moved in onto a table some thirty feet away from the myserious man at the bar. Upon observing he noticed that the man was sweating heavily, had a nervous look about him as he kept looking back for something. As the barmaid approached the tables the man in chain shirt offered her one silver to lure the nervous patron out of the inn. He told her to tell the man that he wanted to speak with him outside and that no harm would come to him, should he come out. The charm of the barmaid overwhelmed him as for once a smile appeared on his face. Soon both men left.

Meanwhile, around the large table on the right side of the inn Iriella and Hexar were chatting about their past. Irieella revealed that she was an orphan and once had a place called home, but there was nothing for her there anymore and so she started travelling. Hexar was even more obscure in his speech. He said that for whatever reasons he couldn‘t stay home either. The two decided to order a few drinks and called the barmaid over. Hexar asked her if anyone was looking for them or any other patrons lately and the barmaid said that she heard the inkeeper mentioning something about adventurers passing this way and that he was supposed to meet them in order to hand something to them in his possession.

Outside the inn the two men finally intrduced themselves. “The name’s Raiza” said the charismatic bloke as he called to the mysterious man, who introduced himself as Jacob Tyler. Trying to earn the man’s trust Raiza showed him his King’s contract. Jacob immediately bursted out with joy. He said that he was a royalist who volunteered to keep an eye out on King’s mercenaries should they pass here. He revealed that he was worried because he knew that the Abadonese don’t take kindly to king’s men and wish to form an independent state of their own. The enthusiasm with which Jacob spoke about his allegiance led Raiza to believe that the man was being true with him.

With this knowledge Raiza returned to the inn, once again with his daggers safely hidden under his belt. He perceived the inn for people foreign to this land and quickly noticed the halfling and half-elf chatting on his right. The man went in straight, interrupting the conversation. “You have obviously travelled here from lands of different kings. That is a lot of land for a mercenary to contract”. The opening had a few hidden clues that only Irieella was able to grasp properly. She immediately suggested the three to come outside and discuss what has been said in greater detail. Hexar was confused but agreed to go outside with the group. Just as they walked out of the inn the trio noticed the cloaked man following them. He didn’t seem to mask his presence in any way, but the very sight of a hooded man made Hexar nervous. Irieella and Raiza were already finding similarities in their tasks as the hooded man approached closer and closer. The fearless halfling stood in the way of the man and the companions. The man took off his hood. His little horns were seen on his neck. One could make no mistake – this wasn’t a man at all, it was a tiefling. With the atmosphere heating up the conversation was about to break into a fight when Irieella stepped in and displayed her contract in the open for all to see. The other adventurers did the same as they soon realised that the people in front of them were the very people they were supposed to rendezevous with.

The party was about to head out when they were reminded that the inkeeper wanted to see the new adventurers and so they returned to the inn. The party introduced themselves and the inkeeper cheerfully greeted them to his fine establishment. He said he was obliged to give the adventurers a gift that he kept in the attic. Raiza didn‘t seem to trust the man as he moved behind the inkeeper, attempting to hear any suspicious sounds coming in through behind the warehouse‘s door. All he heard was someone going through the many things in the warehouse as the inkeeper soon returned with a bottle of wine. He said that he was given the wine by a messenger boy and was told to give it to the king‘s mercenaries once they arrived. “I was also given a letter” – he said – “I was told that only the group’s leader could open it”. The four sit down at the table and accepted the win with the letter, but Raiza remained suspicious. He inspected the wine for any oddities, but was unable to find any clues that the bottle has been tinkered with. Upon looking over the label the cautious man determined that this was a poor quality wine, fit only for the commonfolk to drink and claimed that the innkeeper was cheap, trying to push through some kind of piss to him. Needless to say, the innkeeper was furious and argued over the wine. Even subtle attempts of the half-elf were unable to calm him down as he walked away from the adventurers.

Much discussion was to be had who should be seeing the letter. Finally the offered solution was to open it before everyone’s eyes. The letter contained two gold coins, obviously granted for the leader. Hexar claimed these quickly. The really interesting part was the writings of the letter.

_Greetings, traveller. I trust you and your crew have reached Nighon safely. I have an urgent matter I want to discuss. My proposition might interest you. You can find me in Lord Conner’s villa. Rest assured, if you accept my proposition, you will be paid.

-Master wizard Depone._

The letter intrigued the party, but they were not sure what to make of it. The adventurers were about to leave the inn when the four people, three men and a young girl, who was barely sixteen, stood up from their table and blocked their way towards the exit. Seeing this Jacob moved in behind Raiza quickly and handed him a dagger secretly, whispering out “You might need this” in a low voice only an owl could hear. A bald man in the front, the meanest looking man of the three spoke up. “We overheard your conversation with the innkeeper” – he said – “You should know that we do not take your kind kindly around here”. Irieella tried to reduce tension by stating that no trouble will be had, because they will leave peacefully, but the disgruntled patrons refused to let leave the party without bruises. The bald man pulled out a club, that he no doubt carried in illegally and was about to jump at Irieella, but her quick reflexes allowed her to turn the club sideways as she elbowed into the closest opponent delivering a powerful strike into his vitals as the man stumbled and fell onto the inn’s floor. The tiefling quickly ran towards the inn’s door, but as he opened he cursed in unknown tongue as he saw that the mercenary guards weren’t behind them. Luckily, in their dash for safety they left the weapons behind them and the tiefling has hastily returned to the fight with his bow and his arrows on shoulder. The assailants kept the pressure up on Irieella pounding her with their fists. It seemed as if the girl could fall at any moment, but Hexar – the seemingly powerless Halfling moved in. He pointed his finger at the other goon as a missile of magical energy darted forth from his finger striking through the man, making him fall unconscious due to succumbed damage. The patrons shrieked in horror as they ran out of the inn and hid under the tables. Hexar moved towards Irieella and muttered something as the halfling sorcerer touched her side enveloping the monk in some kind of magical energy truly known only to Hexar himself. The young girl fighting besides her leader unsheathed her hidden dagger and moved in to strike Irieella, but even though it looked as if her strike would find it’s target swift and true, the dagger deflected upon meeting some kind of magical barrier. The girl wasn’t the only one to bring weapons into a fist fight. Raiza threw Jacob’s dagger into the attackers and pulled out one of his own, moving into the brawl. He slided right between the bald assailant’s legs and moved with astonishing grace that would make an elf drop a jaw to the side, delivering a fatal wound from behind into the girl’s neck ending hers shortly lived life. Irieella, empowered by oncoming victory, pushed the remaining man towards a wall and delivered a powerful kick into the tip of his chin, rendering him unconscious. Raiza quickly attempted to save the girl he’ve just injured but at that point it was already too late.

The party stood there for a few moments, tables pulled and chairs broken. The innkeeper later assured them he would take care of the mess, but requested the party to leave as not to draw more trouble. The Half-elf monk Irieella, Raiza – a rogue from the lands of man, the tricky halfling sorcerer Hexar and the tiefling ranged named Carrion all set out towards Abadon attempting cross the countryside’s hills.


The kingdom of Nighon is in distress. The far province of Abadon in the east is having some sort of problem. The King has hired adventurers to restore stability to the region. You were among those to receive this note. Photobucket

It seems your next stop on the way to Abadon is Crouching Lyn’x Inn – the point of rendezevous.


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