Raiza is 24 and average looking guy with a bit of charm to his smile, his dark hair is shortly cut. The clothes that he is wearing have seen better days and have quite a bit of dust gathered on them. His hazel eyes dash quickly from underneath his hooded


Raiza – Human

STR: 12
CHA: 12

HP 21/21

Raiza is a skilled and graceful combatant trained in tha arts of ambidexterity. On the less violent side he’ve presented skills in haggling, atheletics and quite a bit of knowledge of the local affairs. In addition to that Raiza is gifted with near like elven keen senses ,wits and their tongue.


Traveler’s outfit – 5 lbs Chain Shirt – 25 lbs 2 Short Swords – 4 lbs Case, map or scroll – 0.5 lbs Chest Belt { 5 Candeles 5 Daggers – 5 lbs } Belt Pouch – 0.5 lbs { 5 Chalks Flint and steel Fishing Hook } Lamp – 1 lbs Flasks of Oil – 1 lbs

Worn total: 42 lbs

Backpack – 2 lbs { Water Skin – 4 lbs Iron Pot – 4 lbs 10 Rations – 10 lbs 2 Flasks of Oil – 2 lbs Grappling hook – 4 lbs Hemp Rope (50') – 10 lbs Bedroll – 5 lbs Winter Blanket – 3 lbs }

Carried in Backpack total: 44 lbs
Carried Total: 86 lbs


Raiza is of common heritage with not much glory to his family. The best that he could muster would be that his father was once a respected blacksmith. All of it changed when Raiza was born. Jasmine, Raiza’s mother, died giving birth and Bernard ,his farther, never recovered from such a lose. Bernard’s work was slipping and the drinking escalated. In the evening Bernard would stay in drinking and if Raiza would cross his path, he’d lash out at him. At those moments Raiza could see that Bernard was blaming him for the death of Jasmine. Raiza lost his child innocence very early in his life due to it. When Bernard died, Raiza just turned eleven that year. The local priest said to him that the broken heart have killed his farther, Raiza however, blamed the liquor.

Raiza was forced out into the streets, as he didn’t have any money or relatives to pay for his lodgings. With nobody to take care of him and the will to live strong, Raiza did what he had to in order to surive, whether it was lie, cheat or steal. It made no difference to him. For five years he was nothing but a small criminal on the streets.

He wasn’t the most successful criminal, and one of the times when he was caught changed his life forever. A shop owner that happened to catch him in the act instead of turning the boy in, took an interest of him. Raiza’s life changed for the better, the man was called Darek and he became a father figure for growing Raiza. He treated him well and taught him many of the skills that were not usual to a man of commerce. Darek was a retired adventurer who opened a shop with his life saving and settled in , he was orphan himself and grew in shanty town, similar to Raiza and that is why he took him in. He saw his own reflection in Raiza. As Raiza grew he slowly mastered the arts that Darek taught him: both fighting and talking.

Raiza with all his skills refined by the teachings of Darek started living his life again. For three years he’ve traded and looked for good deals on the market. That is when he met Elleanore. She was a half elf, daughter of a well known elven merchant. Raiza slowly fell in love with her wits and charms but he dare not to confornt he with his feelings. His fantasies of live with her were ripped away from him as her father arranged a wedding for Elleanore. Raiza hoped that she felt the same for him as he for her. He wished the marriage to fail and for Elleanore to come to him but that was not the reality of things. Life is a cruel mistress and shortly after the wedding Elleonore bore a child.

Raiza felt crushed as he saw his love taken away from him. Slowly but surely he was slipping down the same dark path as his father. One of those days that the thoughts were exceptionally painful and the liquor was blinding his reason, he broke into Elleanore’s house and confronted her and her husband. He blamed him in taking her away. Guards were summoned and he was taken away, but not without a stuggle.

The hometown at this point had nothing to offer to Raiza but a handful of painful memories. Darek’s heart cringed at the suffering of the boy, he knew that Raiza had to get away from it all. The opportunity presented itself as Darek saw King’s notice. After a quick goodbyes Raiza gathered what little belongings he had and set off towards the Crouching Lynx’s Inn in city of Abadon.


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